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In Sparkella's second adventure with her Dad, she is excited for her first sleepover with her new friend, Tam.


A glittery, glimmering outfit sure to impress? Check!


Everything they need for the awesomest tea party ever? Check!


A collection of games to delight and inspire? Check!


She can't wait for Tam to arrive in a few hours, but first she needs one more very important thing for their sleepover: A castle fit for two royal highnesses. But no matter what she tries, Sparkella just can't seem to get the castle to work. The leopard stones for the wall are too hard to find! The cardboard breaks when she tries to climb to the second floor! The nails are boring and so NOT glitter-tastic.


Sparkella is frustrated, and worried her castle will never be finished in time. But with a little help from her dad, she soon learns the importance of patience, and figuring out creative new ways to do things when your original plans fall through.

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